About the Preschool Photography Academy

10 years ago I had a dream of being a full time photographer . 

I stumbled across kindy photography by chance and realised quite quickly that it was the perfect fit for me, my personality and my home/work life. 

I started out with a handful of kindergartens and childcare centres with absolutely zero idea of how to manage all the facets of running a volume photography business. 

Over the course of the next 9 years, I built my business through trial and error and developed systems, processes and rationales in how to effectively manage the sheer volume of children I was photographing.  Meanwhile booking centres every week of every term and delighting parents with my product and style.  

I now have nailed my workflow and processes as well as my ability to connect and photograph gorgeous little kindy kids and provide parents with memories to cherish as well as a service I am proud of. 

The Preschool Photography Academy was built to share my journey and my experiences with you, teaching methods that I have trialled over the years and guiding new photographers into the world of kindy photography fully equipped with knowledge to build their own successful business. 
Trina ~
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