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From Preschool to Family Portraits: Strategies for Client List Expansion

Growing Market Demand for Quality Kindy Photos : There is a growing demand for great quality Kindergarten/Preschool photography, as more and more parents are looking for natural and playful memories of their children's early years. Adding kindergarten/preschool photography to your family photography business can help you tap into the young family demographic and expand your client base as you will be top of mind after the see your quality kindy photos ! 

Being Top of Mind with Preschool/Childcare Families :  During the process of photographing at the kindy/ childcare you have many opportunities of communication with parents. From registration, reminders, updates and gallery viewing - Parents can get to know you , your commitment to fantastic service, and opportunity for you to show that you could be the perfect family photographer for them when they are ready to capture those moments. 

Opportunities for Repeat Business year after year:
Kindergarten photography is an excellent opportunity for repeat business if the childcare centre / Kindergarten love your results year after year.  This can lead to a long-lasting relationship with not only the director and educators at the centre but also Parents, who will remember your lovely photos from kinder years and contact you for a family session long after children have gone off to school !

Uniqueness to set you apart from others :

Offering kindergarten photography sets your family photography business apart from others, giving you a unique selling proposition in the photography market. It allows you to offer a specialised service that is not widely available with most family photographers helping you stand out and differentiate yourself from other photographers.

Build Relationships within the preschool/childcare community :

By offering kindergarten/childcare photography, you have the opportunity to build relationships with directors and teachers and establish yourself as the go-to photographer for kindergarten and childcare photography. This can lead to additional opportunities for business, as kindy's and childcares may refer you to other families in the area.

Opportunity to get creative :

Kindergarten photography provides a unique creative opportunity for photographers, allowing you to capture the innocence and playfulness of young children and create images that are both charming and endearing - especially with they style of Kindy photography taught by Trina at the Art of Kindy Photography. It's a great way to showcase your creative skills and add a new dimension to your photography portfolio.  Your skills will exponentially grow with photographing children as you quickly learn how to photograph any little personality. 

Increased Revenue:

Finally, adding Kindergarten / Childcare photography to your family photography business can help you increase your revenue, as you can book in morning sessions at kindy's / childcares during a few days a week whilst still able to service family clients on weekends. It's a great way to diversify your offerings and boost your bottom line and stay booked up all year ! 
By adding Kindy/Preschool photography to your family photography business, you can tap into a growing market, build relationships with kindy's and childcares, and showcase your creative skills.
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