Posing Guide for Preschool Photos

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Over 100 poses and prompts for posing preschool children in play and portraits.

22 page PDF guide with JAM PACKED with over 100 Photo examples prompts/ ideas
of ideas for photographing preschool aged children (4-5 year olds). 

50 minute video tutorial of Trina talking through each pose example with extra tips and guidance as well as lots of stories along the way. Secrets are shared !!! 

Unlock my secrets to Outdoor photography of Preschool children ! 

I will guide you through over 100 outdoor play portraits and poses, HOW to capture them, WHAT TO SAY to prompt actions for great photos
WHAT angles you can capture in the playground for interesting angles and images that parents will want to buy ! 

LEVEL UP your Preschool photography service ! 

Learn how to MAXIMISE each pose to fill up your gallery with LOADS of beautiful photos. 

 Posing Ideas covered are :

Photo Examples, pose ideas and tips covered on all the following type of photos you can master for preschool photography ! 
PDF GUIDE to download + Video from Trina explaining each poses with lots of secret tips along the way. 

  • Slide photos and how to mix it up !
  • Jazz up the bike shot ! 
  • Mastering the Portraits and headshots for preschoolers
  • The opportunities with Swing shots
  • The magic of Tunnel shots
  • Get creative with climbing photos
  • Go for colour photos with balls and ball pits
  • Capture the action of Hula Hooping
  • Portraits against brick and colourful walls
  • Fun poses with Tyre shots
  • Capturing quieter play with Drawing, painting, puzzles and books
  • Crank up the shutter speed with Trampoline shots
  • The fun of balancing boards, cubby houses
  • Cute photos of kindy kids lying on their tummies
  • How to safely capture monkey bar shots
  • Random moments to capture

A little sneek peek at a few pages from the PDF guide

What is covered in the Preschool Photography Posing Guide  ? 

Over 100 inspirational photo
ideas with Preschoolers
(4-5 year olds) to create beautiful photo galleries 
parents will LOVE ! 
Downloadable 20 page PDF
50 Min video where I walk you
through each pose and give 
a bundle of tips from years of experience. 

Learn prompts and guidance techniques for
each activity/ play pose +  what angles to capture to get you photographing a range of 
images for every gallery.

How to capture a range of photos of different activities in a short efficient time frame. 
Parents will MARVEL at how
many photos you have captured of their child and be so spoilt for choice they will want to buy them all ! 

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