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Gallery Critique   $ 125

A personalised critique of up to 3 children's photo galleries photographed outdoors in a Kinder environment.   Trina will record a video outlining suggestions to shooting for success in sales, ideas and tips on posing/ lighting and compositions.  
Includes a BONUS video for posing Kinder age children (Value $99) 

What's included in your review ?

  • Pre-Recorded Video Review
  • BONUS Kinder age Posing video

What's reviewed ? 

  • Up to 3 children's photo galleries
  • Review of poses, light and composition
  • Review of variety given and what tweaks you could try to vary your gallery
  • Guidance in shooting for successful sales
  • Guidance and tips for posing, choosing light and compositions/cropping. 

Action Steps

  • The recorded video will have Trina walk you through your galleries one by one and highlight areas to work on or where you might need to adjust posing, lighting etc to produce sellable kindy photos. 
  • Discussion will include examples of what to try with posing/light to aid your development. 

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* Please allow up to 2 - 4 days to receive your completed critique
After payment an email will be sent to you from Trina to obtain further details. 

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