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1 hr Guidance session   $175

An online 1: 1 zoom chat with Trina to discuss anything kinder / childcare photography related that we can cover in 1 hour quick guidance session.  It is a general chat with advice only for guidance and not designed for specific technical assistance with your website or sytist.   Please contact Trina if you need clarification prior to booking this session. 

What's included in your session ?

  • 1: 1 Online Coaching and Advice

What's involved ? 

  • Designed to give advice and guidance about anything Kinder/ Childcare photography related.  This is could be support through a tricky scenario, offer advice about where to start, advice on managing your workload, communication skills with directors and families and how to cope with all sorts of scenarios, or even just to help you mindset with starting out with volume photography. 

Action Steps

  • Fill out a questionnaire prior to your chat with Trina outlining what you would like to chat about/ need advice and guidance with. 

Book a time to chat online 1:1 with Trina for general guidance and advice. 

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