10 reasons to offer Preschool Photography

Adding Preschool / Childcare photography to your photography business can be a smart move, as it opens up new opportunities for growth and diversification and most of all... It's super fun ! 
1. Steady Demand 
Almost all Preschools, Kindy's and daycare centres offer their centre families the opportunity for annual photos taken at the centre to create a memory of these precious years before schooling. Therefore ensuring it is a consistent demand for your services at a growing number of services in each city/town. 
2. Keep you busy year round. 
Unlike wedding or seasonal photography ie best times for family portraits, preschool/childcare photography can occur for most of the schooling year.  It can keep you busy during weekdays whilst other client work can occur on weekends.  Childcare centres can have you attend at their centre for photos days almost any month of the year except during Jan/Feb usually (in Australia !).  Some centres will have you come twice a year - annual portraits and then possibly Kindy Graduations and Christmas photos !   Or even family portrait days as fundraisers. 
3. Families get to know you ! 
Working with young children allows you to form lasting relationships with families, who may continue to hire your services for milestones and family portraits. They get to sample your photography at the preschool/childcare.  You're many points of contact during that process will have you top of mind. 
4. Happy Parents pass it on:
Happy parents and directors often share their positive experiences of working with you, leading to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing for more Kindies and family photography work.  
5. Lots of sales with volume work
You can sell photos - either in print or in digital download to multiple families in one session - (depends on size of childcare or kindergarten)  potentially increasing your sales volume compared to other photography niches.
6. Skill building 
Preschool photography requires patience and the ability to work with children of ages from 6 months -  5 years old, which can enhance your overall photography skills and adaptability. This is because you will build up your experience quickly due to the sheer volume you are working with.  You will learn to connect quickly with children and build up a bank of ideas and ways to interact with all different little personalities.
7. Brand Visibility
Working with preschools /childcares can help increase your brand's visibility within the local community, leading to more opportunities for other photography services. You just never know who your clients/parents are at the preschools - they could be owners of  businesses large and small and connectors within your community. You just never know !  
8. Flexible Hours
Preschools schedule photo days during weekdays and during school terms leaving weekends free for other photography clients or personal time with your family.  Work is almost always finished by midday leaving the flexibility for administration tasks for those hours. 
9.  Steady Income
Having regular preschools/childcares you attend every year can provide you with a steady income stream, making it easier to plan your finances for the year ahead as you start to have a general idea of the sales per person most centres will provide. 
10. Creative outlet
Capturing the genuine expressions and personalities of little ones can be creatively rewarding and offer a unique artistic outlet as each day or centre will be different and allow you to try different approaches or photos for parents to love ! 
To successfully incorporate preschool photography into your business, it's important to start on the right foot: 
*  Develop a great portfolio with lots of examples for directors and teachers to view, 
*  Set out your business service and plan - what will you offer, what are your guidelines, how will you offer your service to parents
*  Communication is KEY - have strategies for marketing and targeting local preschools and daycare centers, know how to communicate to        parents of the centre about your process of viewing and ordering of photos. 
*  Provide a consistent, organised, time efficient service that will keep preschools and childcare centres coming back to you each year. 

To help with all the steps along the way - the Business of Kindy Photography course is structured to take you through each step of the process, provide the guidance with all the in's and out's that come with offering your service to preschools and childcares , templates, checklists and advice to master the systems required for an efficient workflow to maximise your earning potential.

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