Steps to building a Preschool Photography Business

Trina Julius

Thinking of jumping into the world of kindy / preschool photography and just not sure where to begin, what tools you are going to need, what processes you need to follow for success.    

It may seem like it's an easy transition but trust me, once you get started, many questions will start to pop up and you just will have no idea what the best way to tackle them will be.  

READ on below for an outline
to get your energy flowing !
If your thinking about offering Preschool photography to your portrait photography business - you are definately on to something ! 

But  WAIT....  before you leap - consider the  VITAL steps for success and the pathway to them.

What is Preschool Photography ?

Each year Kindergarten and Childcare centres have a photographer visit their service to photograph the children who are enrolled.  This has been happening for as long as I can remember and is a milestone in each and every child's journey through schooling.  Also super cute right. 

School photography gets bit of a bad rap. You generally get 1 posed photo, which more often then not is a fake unusual forced smile that somehow doesnt look like your child. You might love/hate the photo of your child - but it's almost like it' something you cannot do without right !

Preschool photography occurs at any age that they enter childcare/ daycare/ kindergarten or whatever name it falls under. In essence it is the age group between as young as 6 months old right up to pre school years of 5 year olds. 

Depending on the photographer's style and service they offer - photos of the pre-school age can be single pose photos in front of a coloured backdrop  /fake books/ or any number of backgrounds,  It can be taken in a more documentary style of them undertaking activities in the classroom - aka lifestyle photograph or in the style (which I love most) taken outdoors in natural light in a more informal posed play scenario.   In each type of service the photographer has packages to choose from whether it be budget packages with one photo taken only OR a selection of photos presented to purchase from an online gallery. 

Where should I start ? 

When I first started out, there was no guidance, no role models to show me the ropes, no one telling me - this is how you need to do it, this is what you need for success.  This kind of support would have been invaluable, not to mention free up hours and hours of time I could have been spending with my children who were young at the time.   
You might think - well she worked it out on her own - why can't I.  Yes, well that is most certainly true. But consider this, what money are you going to waste, what potential profits are you going to loose and what time are you going to NEVER going to get back all whilst you "figure it out".

That is why I have come up with a 9 STEP GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR KINDY PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS  that I am offering you for FREE to introduce you to the world of Preschool (Kindy) photography. 

This awesome quick guide will outline to you the building blocks of starting a photography business. 
Then if you decide this is the PERFECT CHOICE for you right now and for your progression into this genre of photography - I have the answers you need,  the course and resources to learn to maximise your time, profits and business right from the start. 


Jump straight into my all inclusive course on kindy photography. 

Want bit of a taster first ... I am developing small bite-sized mini courses - so stay tuned for those.


1.  Mastering the art of Class photos

(This is the ideal way to test out my teaching and see if Im the right fit for your learning journey). 

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