The Magic of Friendship Photos captured at Kindergartens and Preschools

As a preschool photographer, you have the incredible opportunity to capture moments in time of this beautiful age, by capturing the innocence, joy, and wonder of young children not only with individual play and portraits but also by capturing the beginning of friendships !

I love to offer the opportunity for friendship photos with kindy age children for so many reasons - but mostly because they are so much fun to capture.  The children are usually bestie's and they get so excited to have photos taken together.  For the photo featured above, these 2 little ones wanted to keep having photos together in lots of different spots - honestly I could have taken another 10 set ups and they would have happily obliged.   

Reasons why you should offer Friendship photos as part of your preschool photography service. 

1. Documenting the forming of friendships
Preschool and kindergarten is a time when children begin to form beautiful little friendships through shared experiences at kindy together.  Take the opportunity to capture these photos of this important moment in time. 

2. Genuine Smiles & Giggles
Friendship photos usually end up with authentic smiles and giggles. Kindy kids will often feel most comfortable when they are with their friends. This comfort and familiarity of having their friend in the photos with them can lead to more relaxed and natural expressions in photos. 
They can also be a great idea if one child is feeling particularly shy or nervous for photos - bring them out with a friend and they usually feel more at ease.  You dont necessarily have to photograph them together at this point but they can participate individually for photos.  NB: you will need permission to photograph friendships together - see below for more information about this. 

3. Lasting memories
By capturing these friendships in photos, you are providing parents with beautiful memories of connections their children are forming, that may actually continue on for years and years !   These photos can be used to create photo albums, collages, or even a framed photo in the child's bedroom.

4. Boosting Your Portfolio and setting you apart from other preschool photographers
From a professional perspective, including friendship photos in your portfolio of work and on your website can set you apart from other preschool photographers. It demonstrates your ability to go beyond traditional kindy photos and capture the essence of childhood friendships.  If you have social media permission - you can share and tag and families and directors will get to you know you ... you never know where this leads ! 

5. Parents absolutely love them ! 

Parents love to see their children happy and forming friendships that they enjoy.   Offering these photos in your galleries for parents to have the opportunity to purchase will not only make for happy parents but boost your package sales from both parents. 

A note about Privacy and Permission
I used to offer these to any children that were happy to have photos with their friends and then display in an online private friendship gallery years ago.  Almost all parents were delighted to view and purchase them !  But, as privacy concerns increased I realised the importance of ensuring that permission to show friendship photos in the gallery of the 2 children was and important aspect and must be collected to provide peace of mind. 

I offer these to parents at all kindergartens but ask that they email me first before I photograph them with permission from both/all parents of children that will be in the friendship photo.  
Frequently asked Questions 

How do you prevent 1 parent from buying the digital files and sharing with the parent of the other child ? You have a few options : 
1. Make a separate gallery and only offer friendship photos as printed photos. 
2. Charge an upfront fee for a special add on service of friendship photos to be purchased by 1 of the 2 parents.  They can then share any purchased digital files. 
3. Not worry about it as it will most likely lead to higher package sales anyhow to include the gorgeous friendship photos as parents may like different ones to the other parents. 

How do I get permission from Parents ?

1. You can pop a special request section on your registration form and ask parent to note that they permit their child for friendship photos. 
2. Put a note in registration for parents to contact you to give written permission for friendship photos to be taken with x child. 

What if a teacher says  "  these children are absolutely special friends and their parents would love friendship photos"  - but you dont have a request for them to be taken and permission ? 

You could photograph and keep aside until you receive permission. Don't show online in galleries until permission is received. 
It's an opportunity for a sale and to surprise and delight parents ! 

For more tips on friendship photos, how to include them in online galleries , tips for prompts and unique ideas for friendship photos - a new tutorial is going to be offered soon in the Business of Preschool photography private facebook group. 

Want access to the group and to work with me to boost your kindy photography business ? 
The Business of Kindy Photography course is structured to take you through each step of the process of preschool photography, provide all the guidance with all the in's and out's that come with offering your service to preschools and childcares , templates, checklists and advice to master the systems required for an efficient workflow to maximise your earning potential.

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