Podcast Interview with Photobix X

Jan 18
Do you love listening to podcasts that pack a punch with great information ? 

This one is for you ! 

My interview with Andrew from Photobiz X went live this week.

 I talk about all things preschool photography, the Preschool Photography Academy,  getting started in preschool photography, software to use for volume photography, communicating with directors and parents throughout the process.
Make sure to have a listen - and be sure to subscribe to photobiz X PREMIUM for the full interview and a discount code at the end.

What's covered in the podcast interview?

Here's all the GOLDEN NUGGETS uncovered in the interview:
✅ Preschool Photography Start-Up: Explore an all-encompassing guide to kickstart your journey into the world of preschool photography.

Photographer to Business Pro: Uncover the transformation from a skilled photographer to a thriving business operator, navigating team expansion.

10+ Years, Natural Light Focus: Gain insights from a decade of preschool photography, focusing on the charm of outdoor, natural light styles.

Business Evolution: Navigate the challenges and benefits of expanding your preschool photography business.

Shooting Style Tips: Embrace shooting in natural light and outdoor settings, with optional strobes for the comfort-driven photographer.

Software Essentials: Discover the recommended Sytist software, emphasizing customization and flexibility in your operations.

Challenges & Solutions: Tackle the nuances of managing a preschool photography business through adept software selection and effective communication.

Start Small, Grow Smart: Test the waters with a small centre before making extensive investments in your preschool photography venture.

Sales Tactics: Elevate your sales game with diverse poses, catering to parents' preferences and boosting engagement.

Average Sales Insights: Unveil the dynamics of averaging $100 per child, influenced by the centre size and the number of children.

Director Relations: Build robust relationships with childcare directors, a cornerstone for successful registrations in preschool photography.

Permission & Contacting Parents: Navigate the post-photography process by securing permission and strategically adding parents to your mailing list.

Remarketing & Mailing List: Master the art of effective remarketing through timely email updates on new sessions, galleries, and expirations.

Image Storage & Fees: Strategically store images offline after a year, offering retrieval options with an unarchive fee.

Year-End Strategy: Boost your year-end sales with strategic email campaigns and timely reminders for parents.

Pricing Wisdom: Explore incrementally increasing registration fees, acting as valuable credit toward purchases.

Inclusive Group Photos: Craft inclusive group photos, including registered children, while embracing traditional styles that include all children.

Director Communication: Set clear expectations through effective communication with childcare directors, fostering smooth collaborations.

Community Support: Embrace the strength of a supportive photography community for insights and shared experiences.

Relationship Building: Strengthen bonds with centre managers by offering complimentary class photos, staff photos, and promotional discounts.

No Commissions, No Kickbacks: Reject the commission model, focusing on delivering value through complimentary services.

Clear Communication: Prioritize transparent communication with both centres and parents, simplifying the process.

Storypark App Usage: Leverage the Storypark app for efficient parent communication and contribute valuable content for centres.

Marketing Mini Course: Unlock the secrets of marketing, portfolio building, and successful centre bookings through an upcoming mini course. CLICK HERE for the mini course now available

Male Inclusion: Acknowledge the presence of successful male photographers in the predominantly female-dominated preschool photography field.

Academy Details: Dive into the Preschool Photography Academy with a $1197 investment, offering modules, PDFs, and ongoing support.

International Applicability: Recognize the global relevance of the academy, catering to photographers worldwide and adaptable to diverse software ecosystems.

Camera & Techniques: Explore preferred camera gear, including a 50mm prime lens at f/2.2, with an emphasis on mirrorless cameras and AI editing.

Post-Processing Efficiency: Streamline your editing workflow with Imagen AI, significantly reducing the time spent on post-processing.
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