Expand your Photography business with Preschool Photography

Are you a portrait photographer working with Families and keen to grow your reach and visibility with families ? 

Are you looking for a new direction with your portrait photography ? 

Do you want to work JUST weekdays in child friendly hours ? 

Well then....have you given any thought to the idea of photographing children at kindergartens and childcares in your local area ?
Since starting out in 2012, I have grown my preschool / kindy photography business to a level where I am turning down centres as I am just TOO busy ! 

The road to this though has been one of challenges and learning curves, along with wading my way through working out what organisation systems to use, communicating with centres and families, developing pricing that is profitable and sustainable, managing an online gallery system as well as keeping up with social media marketing and customer service and satisfaction.

BUT don't be fooled that it is easy !  Especially if you try to work it out all on your own !   I will tell you right now that rocking up to a childcare centre and taking on their yearly portraits is NOT something you should do without guidance first. 

Simply put - You will not know what you do not know or didn't realise you need to know.  More about that later......

First - lets step back and I can tell you why I LOVE what I do and why I am at a level know that I know I am darn GOOD at what I do.  ( I know that sounds like I am tooting my own horn- but come on  - after 10 years of photographing thousands of children - I believe I have earned the right to say that I am good at what I do). It's something I am very proud of and something that keeps me coming back each and every day for more. 

The magic of children's photography is simply one that will keep you going.  Those little faces that are just adorable and make your heart melt.  With every child that I get to photograph - I know this little one is Mum and Dad's light of their life and I know that feeling having had 2 of my own.  I know I want to capture images that are going to be looked at years later and will bring back a flood of memories of their child's age and moments.   That, my friends, is in the back of my mind whenever I am at centres photographing these little ones.  Those memories are so important. 

Okay - so what else is there to love about Kindy / Preschool photography ?   
It certainly is family friendly. Work is during weekday hours usually from about 8.30am - 11.30am. I only ever am on site for 3 hours. This is because I run out of energy after that. Let's not forget that with my style of kindy photography - I am photographing a variety of 10-15 images each child that has registered for photos. This is usually doing 3 different activities + some portrait style photos.
(Check out www.redcherryimages.com.au if you want to view the style of images that I take. ) 
So yes, on site for 3 hours, but then the administration side of Edit, prepare and sell - is what takes up the afternoons - or I can split the work to some in the afternoon - some in the evening- that flexibility is awesome. 

So that's one reason -  Another is - Freedom and flexibility.  I can run my business the in the way that aligns with my goals and lifestyle.  I can schedule short breaks, holidays when I need them PLUS I choose to not work during school holidays at all (except for some administration work if I need to).   

Another reason - and if you are currently a family portrait photographe
r - this may appeal to you. 
I can guarantee you - this is one of the BEST ways to being in front of mind with families. 
IF you offer a kindy photo style similar to mine - they will get to know your work, your ability and if they LOVED their child's photos - chances are kindy/preschool families will contact YOU for family photos. 
I can tell you now that I DO NOT market to families at all and I still have enquiries and book only 2 per month as I need downtime on weekends after photographing through the week, every week of term. 

SO, with all this in mind.... where do you start with preschool photography ? 
How do you get your foot in the door ? 
It's all fabulous to tell you why it's so good, what your earning potentials are? what freedom and flexibility it would give you - but If I cant offer you some guidance to getting started - why would I be teaching this ?   Come to think of it - if business is so good - why am I teaching how to do this ?  Why am I giving away my secrets?   
Answer:  10 years.  I have been out photographing thousands of kids for 10 years.  I am nearly 50.  I am looking to the future and I have an inkling I am not going to be as physical going forth.  I want to share my knowledge and love for this genre of photography and because a part of evolving as a photographer and business owner is to pivot, branch out, serve your community and give back. So why wouldnt I.  I can tell you now that there is a a huge LACK of photography educators out there that can teach you not only the skills of preschool photography but also the BUSINESS side of Volume/ preschool photography. 

What is there to learn about preschool photography ?  - Isnt it easy to take photos of kids and then sell them.
Well this is where I get on my bandwagon a little. 

First -  Booking and marketing to centres. What do you need to know to tell them, what do they want, what will they want to see, do you know your process, are you able to rationalise each process and WHY you do things your way. All these things will show you are a professional providing a professional service ! 

Second - what management systems do you need to use, how do you co-ordinate and schedule the sessions at the centre, how do you communicate to families about photo sessions, how to manage all the questions and requests. Prior Planning is KEY. 

Third - photographing each age group in a CHILDCARE environment is a lot different to photographing them in family sessions -  why ?  The light, the space, the environment, the stressors, the routines.  Now I don't want to scare you away - BUT I teach how to be prepared for these elements, how to work with them successfully and how to manage the day to day.  Taking group class photos, taking sibling photos, working with shy kids, ESL, active kids, Complex needs kids - It's all part of what I teach to give you the tools to manage. 

and then after all that - how to sort, cull, edit, organise, password protect, sell, collect orders, package, deal with enquiries.... BELIEVE ME - if you have not got those processes sorted before you head out to the big world of preschool photography - you will spend hours fixing, correcting, waste profits, not charge appropriately, appear unprofessional and loose the centre booking next year.  Trust me - if you don't do things right and make it a seamless process for the centre - they will go looking elsewhere next year. 

SO, after this mammoth blog post - My intention is to educate and inform HONESTLY and to give insight into my world.   It's a business that I am SUPER proud of that I have build from Zero to 6 figures easily each year. 

Kindy photography IS a business that you can excel in.  Are you ready to learn on the RIGHT Pathway ? 

GO TO THE COURSE PAGE to get started today ! 

Trina xo

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