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So WHY choose kindy photography ? 

Learn HOW to create beautiful photos that SELL and that parents will rave about  ! 

Kindy photography is  weekday work,  NO weekends, NO school holidays - the ultimate genre of photography !

Get cracking NOW and build your skills in photography of children to earn a potential 6 figure sales turnover !   
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SO  >>>  What is covered in the subscription group ?  >>>

Capturing Individual Portraits

Learn my tricks to work with all ages of children at kindy from
6 months to 5 year olds 

Time Management Skills

Learn how I capture a range of portraits in a short timeframe in outdoor natural light

Capturing Sibling Photos

Discover just how easy and fun sibling photos are + set-up and location advice

Tips to capture Class Photos

Learn how I capture class photos for all age groups with advice on set up, locations and editing

Business Basics

Seo & Marketing tips, booking centres, social media and marketing ideas to get started

Q & A  Live Sessions

Regular Facebook Live sessions answering questions regarding kindy photo skills

Learn how  to capture beautiful outdoor preschool/kindy photos ! 

Learn the techniques to capture outdoor play and portrait style kindy/preschool photos. Tips to get great expressions from any little personality and all age groups. 

Pdf's information guides, Video tutorials, Live Q & A sessions delivered to the group regularly with new content at least once a week

Loaded with tips on sibling photos, group class photos, communication with families, social media presence and business basics. 

Frequently asked questions

How does the subscription work ? Do I have to be in a locked in contract ? 

Join the subscription at any time on a month to month basis. There is no lock in contract - just simply cancel your membership and you will not be charged for the following month.  Content is available to view as soon as you subscribe. 

How often is new content added into the group ? 

Every week there is a new topic covered in the group which is shown on the course group page plus on the private facebook group. Just scroll your feed to view what's new ! 

Do I need to be an experienced photographer to learn Kindy Photography ? 

No you can simple start your photography journey here ! I offer a range of topics that cover skills for all levels. 

How do I get added to the Private facebook group ? 

Within the course page is a link PDF which will give you all the information you need.  Email us: if you need assistance. 

Does this learning group cover how I set up the administration side of Kindy photography ? 

The focus and intention of this subscription group is to learn the art of being a kindy photographer and taking awesome kindy photos - along with some other gems of information.  I have another course that goes in-depth into running and administrating a kindy photography business including workflows, setups, management and online gallery software. If you are interested in learning more  - CLICK HERE to view the full description

Can I join the Business Administration course after joining the Skills Learning group ? 

Yes you sure can, The skills learning group is a complimentary addition to the Business Administration course. Your subscription with the group will be cancelled at the end of your current month but still have access through the Administration course.  Just email us for a $50 credit off your purchase of the Administration group (applicable only if you are already subscribed to the skills learning group.

How do I cancel my subscription ? 

Just pop into your account and there is 1 button to click to cancel.  Email us at if you have trouble accessing it.  You will still be able to access content until your month ends. There are no pro-rata refunds for remaining portions of the month.  You can rejoin again at any time.  Your access to the facebook group is also removed at the end of the month period. 

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